Depaul Basketball with Dan Stack | Battle for the Big East


On this episode of Battle for the Big East we discuss #BIGEASThoops with @StacDemon and discuss #dpubb #depaul #playingpossessed. We will talk about how Covid-19 impacted DePaul Basketball, what are the positives and negatives with #dpubb, how to rate Dave Leitao’s tenure at #depaul, who could replace Leitao if he is let go, and what needs to happen to make #dpubb a contender in the Big East.


  • Gregory Hermes
    Gregory Hermes5 დღის წინ

    Generally like Dan’s take on potential coaches, but is the Pitino omission simply NCAA problems? He’s winning already at Iona and would find a way to win with this team and recent ones. He’d make an enormous splash returning to Big East in Chicago.