How can the Dallas Mavericks build around Luka Doncic? | Luca Talks Sports feat. Brian Sweet

For this week's episode of Luca Talks Sports, Luca is joined by Brian Sweet. Brian is the creator and host of Sweet Sports Talk Podcast, and a wriiter for Nolan Writin and The Smoking Cuban.

In this video, Luca and Brian discuss some of the ways in which the Dallas Mavericks can build around Luka Doncic, potential free agency targets for the team, and the state of the Western Conference moving forward.

0:29 - Just how good is Luka Doncic?
2:35 - The ridiculous shots that NBA superstars practise.
5:10 - What do the Mavericks do in the offseason to build around Doncic?
11:32 - Who should the Mavericks target in free agency?
16:22 - Will Dallas trade Kristaps Porzingis?
20:32 - The state of the Western Conference.
24:03 - Imagining a Hawks vs Mavericks final.

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