Interview with Evan Birchmore, NBA finals and more | Luca Talks Sports | ep 5.

For this week's episode of Luca Talks Sports, Luca is joined by Evan Birchmore. Evan is a contributor to the Fansided network with Swarm and Sting, a Charlotte Hornets news and opinion site. He is an avid sports fan and writer who aims to combine his passions to bring engaging content to all audiences.

1:26 - Introducing Evan Birchmore
8:56 - The history of Charlotte basketball
10:25 - LaMelo Ball
13:56 - Who will the Hornets take in the NBA draft?
20:45 - Charlotte Hornets 2021-22 FA targets
29:19 - Ball-dominant centers
32:46 - Projecting the state of the Eastern Conference next season
35:50 - The NBA Playoffs
39:56 - Projecting the NBA finals
43:08 - The Bucks’ style of basketball without Giannis.
44:22 - Defensive matchups in a Bucks vs Suns NBA finals.
45:57 - Good offense vs. good defense
48:15 - Would teams benefit from a less heliocentric offense?
52:54 - Will Ben Simmons get traded in the offseason?
56:03 - The human element of basketball
59:11 - Wrapping things up.

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