Interview with UCONN's Jim Calhoun | Battle for the Big East


Here is the Calhoun description and timestamps For this episode of Battle for the Big East we have the head coach and @Hoophall member Jim Calhoun. We discuss Coach Calhoun’s time in #BIGEASThoops and how he lead @UConnMBB to national prominence. #RayAllen #ReggieLewis #CliffRobinson #ChrisSmith #DonyellMarshall #EmekaOkafor #BenGordon #RipHamilton #KembaWalker
1:30 What interested you in taking the job at the University of Connecticut?
3:50 What year did you think it became easier to recruit players to come to UConn?
7:10 How much did the Big East tournament mean to you?
10:10 How did you keep your 1999, 2004, and 2011 teams focused after winning the Big East tournament?
12:05 How difficult was it to prepare for an elite eight game because you had less than 48 hours to prepare?
16:18. How much does it mean to you to see former player Steve Pikiell have success at Rutgers?
19:12. During your time at UConn what would be your all Jim Calhoun Team?
24:38. Why go back to coaching at St. Joseph’s College?
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