Interview with Anthony Farris - Luca Talks Sports | Episode 4

For this week's episode of Luca Talks Sports, Luca welcomes Anthony Farris to the show.

Anthony began his career as a television sports reporter/anchor in a small Ohio media market. Over time, he changed industries but continued to do some freelance sports writing, including contributions to FanSided’s Cavs (King James Gospel) and Browns (Dawg Pound Daily) sites. Anthony has recently joined the team at OutKick as a contributor, where he’s free to discuss sports, pop culture, entertainment, and everything in between.

In this week’s episode, Luca and Anthony discuss Anthony’s background in sports media, the time he interviewed Mike Tyson, the Cleveland Browns’ successful 2020-21 season and their future prospects, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and their #3 pick, and the NBA playoffs.

Timestamps (the times need to be edited when you’ve spliced the three clips together)

0:30 - Intro
2:15 - Introducing Anthony Farris
3:44 - Anthony’s background in sport
7:51 - The time Anthony got to interview Mike Tyson
12:31 - Discussing the Cleveland Browns 2020-21 season and previewing their upcoming season.
21:33 - Who’s going to win the AFC North?
23:23 - Discussing the Cleveland Cavaliers, their #3 pick, and their future prospects.
28:56 - Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers need to go their separate ways.
33:49 - The NBA Playoffs
38:47 - Ty Lue’s role deserves more credit as an excellent coach.
42:32 - Wrapping things up
43:33 - Where can you find Anthony’s work and social media?

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