What will the Texas Rangers do in the MLB Draft? | Luca Talks Sports feat. Brian Sweet

For this week's episode of Luca Talks Sports, Luca is joined by Brian Sweet. Brian is the creator and host of Sweet Sports Talk Podcast, and a wriiter for Nolan Writin and The Smoking Cuban.

In this video, Luca and Brian discuss who the Texas Rangers will take in the upcoming MLB draft, discuss what led to the Rangers’ fall from grace, and discuss the strength of their current farm system.

0:29 - Introducing Brian Sweet.
3:59 - Would Dallas sports fans rather watch the Texas Rangers or a tornado weather warning?
6:13 - Who are the Rangers going to take in the draft?
14:41 - What’s gone wrong for the Rangers in their fall from grace?
16:20 - The Rangers’ farm system.

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